Straight From Their Mouth

"Well, y'know Stevie and I are a package deal."--Lindsey

"I love Lindsey. I love him very, very much and I wanted Lindsey to make it and I wanted this album to be as successful as...If this album is more successful than my album, I would be so glad."--Stevie

"It's sweet, it's nostalgic; you could cry over it if you let yourself."--Lindsey

"I looked into Lindsey's eyes during so many of the songs, and the tears came. It was uncontrollable. And it was a beautiful night for us and everyone in the audience."--Stevie

" Ironically, because of where I'm at and where she's at, it's almost like I'm seeing the Stevie I used to live with."--Lindsey

"You know, when Lindsey and I go back and forth on the songs that were written between the two of us, for that moment, we are back in love again. "--Stevie

"The [Rolling Stone cover] shoot was over and everyone else got out of the bed, except for Stevie and I. We laid there for about an hour hugging, and it was freaking everybody out."--Lindsey

"I know that Lindsey and I have to spend a lot more time together. Our Karma says we have to spend a lot of time togeher. We have to be in a band for a hundred more years."--Stevie

"Lindsey and I, y'know, we have something very special"--Stevie

"Yeah...we bring out the corn in each other. "--Lindsey

``This bond between us is too strong now to ever fully walk away from."--Stevie

"We knew each other musically before we knew each other in the biblical sense."--Lindsey

"When I first met him, he was going with somebody and so was I, but I fell totally in love with him. I was captivated."--Stevie

"Lindsey and I were as close to married as I'll probably ever be. I took care of him, I cooked for him, I ironed his jeans, I embroidered stars and moons on them, I adored him, I took care of him."--Stevie

"You go through that with someone, you don't forget."--Lindsey

"Maybe when Lindsey and I are 60 years old, we'll look around and say, 'You know what, there just isn't anybody better around. Maybe we'll just get married or something.'"--Stevie

"Stevie was my woman. When we would preform, she would have all of these men staring at her. Yes, you could say I was a little jealous."--Lindsey

"We tangle a lot, but we love each other ~ we'll always love each other. He and I will never get away from the fact that we were as one for so many years."--Stevie